UXMetric is an information website about measuring user experience and digital performance.

It is driven by enthusiasts who seek to share their knowledge and interest in measurement issues in evaluating user experience and digital performance. The articles proposed on this website have no scientific claim. They are based on an important work of intellectual rigour and documentation, completed by a systematic proofreading and validation of each of them by the two authors.

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Authors :

Guillaume Deconde

“PhD in ergonomic psychology, I have been working as an HCI & UX designer for about fifteen years, in ESN, agencies, publishers, and as a freelancer.
I teach these disciplines at the universities of Brest and Paris Dauphine.
This site aims to share my interest in UX design with as many people as possible.”
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Grégory Loth

“I have 20 years of professional experience in digital in agencies or ESN, and since the last 8 as a digital consultant, performance expert.
Having graduated from a business and management school on the theme Commercial performance strategy manager, I would like to share my knowledge with as many people as possible on uxmetric, simplifying the complexity of the marketing universe.”